Carbon compensated through Climate Impact Partners
We offset the greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided along the lifecycle of Multicopy Zero—including those from sourcing, production, and distribution to customers—by supporting climate projects through the partnership with Climate Impact Partners. More information about the project, the paper's carbon footprint, and Sylvamo GHG reduction goals is available here.

Hassle-free paper
Multicopy is an easy-to-use premium paper with great runnability, ideal for all types of office machines. Every sheet is vacuum-cleaned to prevent dust from causing jams or other problems. 

Sharp results
Multicopy features ColorLok® technology, which produces crisp, clear prints free from smears and blurs. Count on bolder blacks and more vivid colours! Multicopy is manufactured to the ISO 9706 standard for permanent papers, which means that readability and handling features do not change over time.

Premium all the way
All Multicopy papers are responsibly sourced and manufactured. Multicopy carries several important eco labels and is fully recyclable. 

From roots to branches From roots to branches

From roots to branches

The Nordic forest is our home, so sustainable forestry management is second nature to everyone involved with Multicopy. For every tree that is made into paper, we replant two to three new ones.

Certificates and labels


ColorLok® technology fixes ink pigments on the paper's surface, for fast drying prints that are crisp, clear, and free from smears and smudges.


Multipurpose paper for all office machines.


Multicopy Zero is available in A4 and A3.


80 g/m2.

Media Portal & Webshop Media Portal & Webshop

Media Portal & Webshop

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