Media portal/Webshop

Welcome to our brand new Multicopy Media Portal!

We’re thrilled to finally share that our Multicopy media portal, where you can visit our webshop and download all kinds of Multicopy media material, has been updated with a fresh, modern look and a smooth user-friendly design.

The Multicopy media portal is the place where we collect everything you need in terms of for example media or exhibition material, office supplies, giveaways, and gifts. In this article, we share our thoughts behind the update and guide you through the different parts of the website.


The idea behind the update

In all that we do at Multicopy, it’s important for us to put our customers first. That’s why we’ve taken all your wishes and input regarding our old media portal into consideration and made sure to fulfill them in the updating – and upgrading ­– progress.

We’re pleased to welcome you into a modern platform with an outside that matches well with our inside… and vice versa! We’re proud of the new design, but of course it’s not all about the looks. We’ve also focused on optimizing the speed of the website, such as the flexibility and interaction – everything to achieve a smooth, pleasant, and bug-free experience.

Simply put, visiting the new media portal should feel like jumping right into the Multicopy world, where the number one aim is to ease your day.


What to expect

To reach the new media portal, you log in with your personal account, just as before. Once logged in, you get access to all the good stuff. Most of the actual material is the same, but be sure to find some interesting news such as fun giveaways in the webshop!


In the Multicopy online shop, you find everything from paper samples, folders, and exhibition material to gifts and office supplies. Don’t forget to scroll among our band new and popular giveaways such as our Multicopy deck of cards, and our tray in certified birch veneer, handcrafted on the Swedish island of Öland.

Media portal

This is where you find downloadable fully designed and ready-to-use ads, banners, images, campaign material, videos, and a lot more. With our new user-friendly design you can easily sort by different product categories, languages, and keywords.

Brand Guidelines

In favor of everyone who communicates Multicopy in different channels and applications, we have integrated parts of our brand guideline manual directly on the website. It’s an important asset for anyone working to maintain an overall impression and identity of the Multicopy brand. 

Personal account

On your personal account page, you can now even more conveniently than before update your customer information, handle your orders and with a simple click with our new GDPR tool download all the data we store and use for a better experience.


Welcome to check the full Multicopy media portal out here!

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