How to decide what office paper to buy online – 6 important attributes

How to decide what office paper to buy online – 6 important attributes

Where do most people buy their office paper? What paper attributes are important to look for to get the best printing results? And what can you expect when upgrading your office paper?

Comparing paper purchase habits across five markets, the distribution of office paper seems to be evenly split between online dealers (29 %), retail stores (34 %), and supplied by employers (36 %). Sweden is the one market that stands out, showing the most online paper purchases, perhaps as a natural result of the country having the widest spread of online distributors.

Buying paper online is efficient and practical – but means that the buyer needs to make an educated decision on their own. Important to keep in mind is that that you get what you pay for, and that making an upgraded choice comes with many benefits. Let’s have a look at six significant paper features to look for in a paper purchase!


1. Print quality and runnability

The number one attributes to make sure your office paper will give a top result are good print quality and runnability. The latter refers to the paper’s print performance without any disturbance during the process. With good runnability comes jam-free prints. Our Multicopy papers are suitable for all office machines, laser printers, Inkjet, copiers, fax… and of course, both in color and black & white.


2. Weight

What paper weight to choose is of course individual. It depends on what function you want the paper to have, and what type of document you are going to print. But a general guideline to keep in mind is that a thicker paper gives a more professional and premium feeling, double sided printing as well as stronger durability.


3. Whiteness and brightness

While paper whiteness implies the quality of light of the paper and the ability to reflect all colors, brightness refers to the ability to reflect a certain blue light. A higher level of whiteness and brightness can give more appealing and vibrant results. Our Multicopy products provides a good sweetspot with 161 CIA whiteness and feature a so-called ColorLok technology, which gives prints sharper contrasts with bolder blacks and more vivid and crisp colors. With papers that don’t have the ColorLok logo, black ink risks ending up looking grey, and blank colors.


4. Durability

The days of unnecessary printing are over. When printing a document, we want it to last long. Looking for a paper’s durability, you can make sure that it does. Multicopy office paper has impressive durability of 150 years (ISO 9706)!


5. Certifications

The changes we make in everyday life with our planet in mind, all put together, are more important than we sometimes think. Whether it is your personal emission targets or your company’s overall sustainability goals, your office paper should help you reach them – not slow you down.

There are some important certifications to look for when choosing paper, not least the FSC label that ensures responsible forestry. All our Multicopy papers are FSC labelled. Our sustainable key
product Multicopy Zero is also certified as carbon neutral – helping people make better choices for the planet.

Here you can read more about what certifications to search for.

6. Production

Another important aspect of the sustainability theme is production. A good paper shouldn’t only show good printing results, it should also imply as low an impact on climate as possible. Our Multicopy papers are all part of a local and circular production at Nymölla mill, in the southern parts of Sweden, where wastewater from the pulp is turned into renewable fuel in the forms of liquefied biogas (LBG).


What to expect when upgrading your office paper

When you’ve brought intense effort into something, you want it to look great and feel just right. And not to forget – you get what you pay for. A quality paper will ease your day, leaving print jams or blank results in the past.

It’s all in the details, some say… or let’s put it this way: the details matter. Your paper reflects your professionality and credibility. The equation is simple – with a premium paper, you will give a premium impression and a more efficient workload.

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