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Unique producer of Nordic Swan Ecolabel office paper

Meeting customer demands on sustainable standards is of great importance – for any company. We are proud to be able to say that Nymölla mill is the unique producer of Nordic Swan labelled white office paper. This includes products such as Multicopy and Multicopy Zero. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official environmental label of the Nordic countries – with high awareness among buyers.

The Nordic Swan sets strict environmental requirements in all phases of a product's lifecycle, and takes into account used energy and resources, as well as emissions. In Sweden, The Nordic Swan has a 70 % high awareness, according to results from our 2021 market study on printing habits and attitudes.

Higher consumer demands

If we are to look at consumer habits and trends, we are moving towards a more aware printing culture – what we call the “Print better era”, with sustainability and print quality gaining importance among buyers, compared to only one year ago. 

Today, making promises on combatting climate change and striving for carbon neutrality is the natural way to go among all up-to-date companies. Jonathan Bakewell, VP, Head of Segment Office and Book Papers at Stora Enso, believes that one way to take a step closer to manifesting those promises is to choose the right products – products that live up to those sought standards:

– If people see their employer making immediate visible changes, like selecting a paper with a higher sustainability performance, this can become a physical manifestation of that promise.

The ”Swan Effect”

Helping companies meet higher consumer demands is indeed what the Nordic Swan is doing, offering printing companies a circular and holistic perspective on the production. As a natural part of human behavior, we tend to find inspiration from other people’s successful examples.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has in fact over the years influenced the printing industry, which seems to have had a positive effect on others. The phenomenon is called the Swan Effect, and refers to “eco-labeled printing companies pushing their competitors to move forward in a sustainable direction.”

– It is the demand from customers that push the development forward. (…) The new criteria with an increased demand on circular economy and reduced climate impact is a necessary improvement. A Nordic Swan Ecolabel license is now becoming even more important, says Per Marklund, senior to the graphic industry, in an interview with the Nordic Swan.

Multicopy and the Swan

Our Multicopy products are all certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, alongside the EU Ecolabel, FSC, TCF, and CarbonNeutral when it comes to Multicopy Zero. Read more about all the labels here.

With Multicopy and Multicopy Zero with Nordic Swan certification, they both sure qualify as high qualitative choices, meeting increased consumer demands on sustainability standards.

Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel here.

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