Eco Seal

Higher quality reams with new sustainable adhesive technology in the Multicopy paper production

With a soon-to-be-launched gluing innovation at Nymölla Mill in Sweden, where Multicopy is produced, the mission towards a more competitive and sustainable paper production continues.

One of the latest sustainable innovations at Stora Enso and Multicopy is the EcoSeal ream adhesive technology with a new dotting pattern application, that has recently been launched and will gradually be implemented in the paper production at the Nymölla mill.

This new technology, supplied by Valco Melton, a global leader in sustainable gluing, coating machinery and quality assurance technologies, is a great process improvement both when it comes to bond strength and reduced environmental impact. The gluing guns are assembled by hand, and specifically designed for packaging, engineered for every sort of application and high-speed precision gluing.


Saving adhesive usage and consumable parts

The glue holding the paper reams together will stay the same as before – but the application technology steps up a notch and saves from 40 % up to 70 % adhesive usage. Jonathan Bakewell, VP Office Paper Segment at Stora Enso, is positive: “At Nymolla we have done the ultimate shake test and the results are clear. The eco seal reams stay together were as the reams with the older sealing technology don’t survive the test.”

In short, EcoSeal enables a more competitive production process on many levels, reducing machine downtime, costs, and most importantly reduces the use of fossil materials.


Dotting pattern improves bond strength

Using an adhesive dotting technology instead of gluing whole lines in one creates more attachment points, which enhances bond strength. If one glue dot loosens – the other ones will still hold the ream together. In addition, each dot is flattened out 360 degrees, which creates a larger bonding surface area.

Carlo Zucchi, Director of Sales Europe at Valco Melton, says: “Our new solution has also passed each and every strength test developed by the strictest (…) manufacturers – evidence of reliability.”


Complete implementations by 2023

All the Multicopy lines will be equipped with the new adhesive technology in 2023. Boxes and lids will also be using EcoSeal technology in a nearby future. “This is a step forward both in terms of improved production efficiency, and in terms of taking care of the planet – something that is super important both to us at Multicopy, and to many of our customers.” says Jonathan Bakewell.

Take a look at this video to learn more about the technology from Valco Melton.

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