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Paper spotlight: Multicopy Zero

The sustainable, high quality papers in the Multicopy range all help you do and look good. Especially this carbon neutral® office paper that will take you closer to your green targets by saving the planet sheet by sheet. Today we point the spotlight at Multicopy Zero.

Zero is quite something

Multicopy Zero is a carbon neutral premium paper with exceptional printing results in all office machines. By choosing it you contribute to fulfilling your sustainability targets without compromising on performance. Multicopy Zero has all of the great benefits of Multicopy – amazing print results in colour as well as black and white, excellent runnability and overall quality – plus the carbon neutrality certification.

Wood, paper, biogas

During this year (2021) yet another sustainable benefit has been added to the list. In a unique cooperation with Gasum, we are turning residue from our process water into fossil free fuel in the form of liquefied biogas (LBG).



Key benefits of Multicopy Zero


More about carbon neutrality

Since the launch of Multicopy Zero in 2016, Stora Enso has been supporting three global offset projects by purchasing carbon credits. In order to achieve CarbonNeutral® paper certification, we offset an emission volume equal to the emissions produced during the manufacturing and distribution of Multicopy Zero.


1.  Sub-Saharan Africa – Clean water supply


2. China – Solar cookers


3. Vietnam – Household biogas plants 


We are thrilled that our actions are not only helping to tackle climate change but are also increasing quality of life for the people in these areas, in line with several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Take a look at this follow-up article Checking in: The Multicopy Zero offset projects, published in March 2021


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