Multicopy Paper brings people together

Paper brings people together

Paper has played an important role for humans for centuries. Even though our world becomes more and more digitalized, paper still has plenty of functions in our everyday lives. Holding on to the analogue world also makes it easier to slow things down a step and get some screen rest. In a way, paper helps us link to the physical world – and connect with the ones we hold close. Let’s look at how!

Paper sure is an essential ingredient in the world of fun. Just think about it – card games, Yatzy, board games… why not a classic quiz? Playing games in this traditional way is perhaps the most analogue you can get – and a great way to spend a cozy evening at home with friends or family. And, not least, it’s a perfect dinner party booster!

There’s no clearer sign of things beginning to go back to normal post-pandemic-wise when wedding and party invitations start dropping in your mailbox. Receiving a physical, carefully written, decorated and enveloped invitation (to a non-digital event!) is a special feeling. And making invitations from scratch to send out to your loved ones is a great way to build up the excitement before the special day – whether it is your wedding or birthday party.

Paper crafting with the little ones

Letting fantasy flow with paper, color, glitter (etc., etc.) is said to be an excellent way for kids to develop motoric skills and enhance learning. Besides, it gives you some meaningful quality time together. And let’s face it – it’s a whole lot of fun for grown-ups as well. So, bring out everything you have in terms of arts and crafts and start creating!

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Having trouble finding the time to meet up with far away friends or relatives? An optimal way of keeping each other updated on what’s going on in your lives, without having to stress it all through, is to write it down on paper. Update each other with letters! Writing by hand automatically gives you more time to reflect. Perhaps you learn new things about each other (and yourself) this way?

Of course, you can write your letter on your computer, but again – doing it by hand somehow makes it more real. More personal. Read about some of the perks with handwriting

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