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The Paper Sustainability Academy puts everyone on the same page

As a service to our clients, the Paper Division has developed an interactive self-learning resource on the topic of sustainability – a digital academy – that was launched in early 2021.

Stora Enso is a major player in making sure the future will be fossil free and renewable. Sustainable thinking is in the company’s DNA, but all our clients didn’t have access to the information on how to build a more sustainable business. We wanted to change that – help enhance understanding of the environmental issues for companies and let people in on Stora Enso’s practices in this area. A digital, interactive, platform for competence building on sustainability matters.  

The academy will focus on three topics:

- sustainable raw materials

- sustainable processes

- sustainable productions


Understanding is key

Even though this platform is created with Stora Enso’s clients in mind – it’s accessible to anyone interested in getting a better understanding of forestry and wood sourcing, land use, biodiversity, and chain of custody. Later this year, a second module focusing on climate change will be released.

“We launched the Academy earlier this year as we had noticed an increasing number of our customers had questions about what exactly sustainability means.” says Magnus Deinzer, Senior Manager Sustainable Raw Materials, of Stora Enso’s Paper Division.

Read more about the Paper Sustainability Academy here.

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