Multicopy wrapper

Paper spotlight: Multicopy

The sustainable, high quality papers in the Multicopy range help you do and look good. Since there is even more to Multicopy – being problem free, bright white and a perfect base for amazing print in all office machines – your choice of paper will make you feel good as well. Today we point the spotlight at Multicopy.

Bright white with a green conscience

Multicopy is not just environmentally friendly. We make sure that it ticks all the boxes: an easy-to-use, sustainable premium paper that is ideal for all types of office machines and perfect for preprinting. It’s hassle-free – every single sheet is vacuum cleaned to prevent dust from causing jams or other problems.

The papers of this range are manufactured to the ISO 9706 standard for permanent papers which means that readability and handling features does not change over time.

ColorLok® – Profoundly superficial

Multicopy features ColorLok® Technology. A paper carrying this label will fix the ink pigments on the surface of the paper, while the body of the paper rapidly absorbs the fluid. This results in improved opacity for coloured and black elements, shorter time for drying and sharp lettering.


This is Multicopy

Multicopy is the only office paper a workplace need. It’s The paper!

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