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TreeToTextile: Yet a unique plant at Nymölla Mill

Alongside Gasum’s biogas plant at Nymölla mill, another sustainable initiative is in the making. All over the world, the demand for sustainable textile fibers is growing and the new facility is a demonstration plant for TreeToTextile, owned by Stora Enso, H&M Group, Inter IKEA Group, and LSCS Invest.

It’s a EUR 35 million investment to upscale the process technology needed to create a sustainable textile fiber for all – with scalable technology and a low manufacturing cost.
The demo plant will primarily use dissolving pulp from Stora Enso’s Enocell Mill in Finland: renewable, 100% traceable to sustainably managed forests close to the mill.

“We are moving further down the value chain. TreeToTextile means new opportunities, not just for the forest industry. On this journey we collaborate with other industry leaders, and while our challenges may differ, we all share the same ambitious commitment to create a more sustainable future,” says Chairwoman of TreeToTextileRoxana Barbieru, and Vice President, Emerging Businesses and Alliances Management from Stora Enso’s Biomaterials innovation team.


Read the article published at here: “Stora Enso to host TreeToTextile demo plant”

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