Multicopy Biogas

Wood – paper – biogas.

An icon that is anything but symbolic

Gasum’s biogas plant at Nymölla Mill is now producing liquefied biogas (LBG) at full speed. We created an icon that communicates the benefits in a clear way; how we manage to, not only make use of residue from the process of turning wood into paper, but also make way for a fossil free future.

You’ll find the biogas icon on all Multicopy wrappers and boxes, reminding you that you’ve made a truly sustainable, green choice by buying Multicopy.

A bright white, green statement

Our brand and the Nymölla Mill hold several environmental certificates. The resources Stora Enso put into achieving and maintaining these certificates is a token of our care for the environment and for keeping your conscience green.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel, FSC®, TCF®, and for Multicopy Zero, CarbonNeutral®


Read more about the biogas project here.

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Stora Enso’s paper pulps certified as compostable

Eco-awareness and higher demands on sustainability features among customers tend to lead to good things. One current example is the initiated project at Stora Enso to certify all paper pulp grades as compostable, to helps consumers make more eco-friendly choices.

Exceeded expectations after one year of biogas production at Nymölla mill

In 2021, the Multicopy production base in Nymölla mill took a step further in the fossil free journey, with Stora Enso entering a partnership with energy company Gasum. We had a talk with Erik Woode, Director, Project Development & Execution, at Gasum, to get a status update after one year of turning residue water from production into fossil free fuel.