Multicopy Biogas

Wood – paper – biogas.

An icon that is anything but symbolic

Gasum’s biogas plant at Nymölla Mill is now producing liquefied biogas (LBG) at full speed. We created an icon that communicates the benefits in a clear way; how we manage to, not only make use of residue from the process of turning wood into paper, but also make way for a fossil free future.

You’ll find the biogas icon on all Multicopy wrappers and boxes, reminding you that you’ve made a truly sustainable, green choice by buying Multicopy.

A bright white, green statement

Our brand and the Nymölla Mill hold several environmental certificates. The resources Stora Enso put into achieving and maintaining these certificates is a token of our care for the environment and for keeping your conscience green.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel, FSC®, TCF®, and for Multicopy Zero, CarbonNeutral®


Read more about the biogas project here.

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