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Renewable materials rule!

As The renewable materials company, Stora Enso is leading the way towards a fossil-free future. Office paper is just one out of many product areas where we are making a difference by offering sustainable premium products.

Stora Enso’s solutions are found in segments such as building, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceutical, hygiene and textiles. In many cases, Stora Enso provides low-carbon alternatives to products made from fossil-based materials. 

And the choice of raw materials, for projects in all sizes, matter a great deal when it comes to drastically reducing carbon emissions. Stora Enso recently published an article defining how we can help combat climate change by choosing renewable materials:

1. Trees grow back and absorb carbon dioxide while growing.

2. You can choose products that store carbon.

3. Don’t settle for fossil-based products when products with a lower carbon impact already exist.

4. The more we choose renewable materials, the bigger the impact. Industries that matter should use materials that matter.

Read the article and learn more about each of the four statements here. 

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Improving pulp performance

Multicopy is manufactured from chemical pulp at Nymölla Mill in Sweden. The annual production capacity is 485 000 tonnes of paper. Stora Enso is now investing EUR 26 million in modernizing the pulp production in Nymölla to improve the site’s competitiveness as well as its sustainable performance. When the modernization is completed, during the second quarter of 2022, the early pulp production capacity is estimated to grow from 220 000 tonnes to 245 000 tonnes.

Paper spotlight Multicopy

The sustainable, high quality papers in the Multicopy range help you do and look good. Since there is even more to Multicopy – being problem free, bright white and a perfect base for amazing print in all office machines – your choice of paper will make you feel good as well. Today we point the spotlight at Multicopy.

The Paper Sustainability Academy puts everyone on the same page

As a service to our clients, the Paper Division has developed an interactive self-learning resource on the topic of sustainability – a digital academy – that was launched in early 2021.