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Renewable materials rule!

As The renewable materials company, Stora Enso is leading the way towards a fossil-free future. Office paper is just one out of many product areas where we are making a difference by offering sustainable premium products.

Stora Enso’s solutions are found in segments such as building, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceutical, hygiene and textiles. In many cases, Stora Enso provides low-carbon alternatives to products made from fossil-based materials. 

And the choice of raw materials, for projects in all sizes, matter a great deal when it comes to drastically reducing carbon emissions. Stora Enso recently published an article defining how we can help combat climate change by choosing renewable materials:

1. Trees grow back and absorb carbon dioxide while growing.

2. You can choose products that store carbon.

3. Don’t settle for fossil-based products when products with a lower carbon impact already exist.

4. The more we choose renewable materials, the bigger the impact. Industries that matter should use materials that matter.

Read the article and learn more about each of the four statements here. 

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Highlights of 2021

The past year was exciting in many ways! We started off strong, with a proud inauguration of the biogas plant at Nymölla mill – a great step towards a more sustainable paper production. And by the end of the year, we shared some interesting insights on changed behavior and attitudes related to printing and paper purchase in the pandemic.

Higher quality reams with new sustainable adhesive technology in the Multicopy paper production

With a soon-to-be-launched gluing innovation at Nymölla Mill in Sweden, where Multicopy is produced, the mission towards a more competitive and sustainable paper production continues.

Wishing you all a memorable holiday season

All of us at Multicopy would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading our articles throughout the year. We hope they have brought you joy, knowledge and a sense of being together through these challenging times. We can’t wait to share more stories with you in 2022! We want to share this season greeting with you and wish you a magical holiday season. Enjoy and we hope to see you next year!