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A partner with a vision for a paper with a mission

Stora Enso offsets the carbon emissions generated from the production and delivery of Multicopy Zero by purchasing carbon credits to achieve certified CarbonNeutral® paper. Natural Capital Partners – a recognised global leader in credible business climate action programmes – supports Stora Enso in the design and delivery of this programme. Stora Enso’s main contact at Natural Capital Partners is Tom Popple – Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability. We had the opportunity to talk with him about the idea of net zero emissions, the company and its plans for the future.

What’s the story of Natural Capital Partners?

The company was founded in London more than 20 years ago when we pioneered the concept of offsetting emissions through tree planting programs. We made it our mission to create credible and scalable mechanisms and high quality solutions for businesses to take climate action.

We were the first to provide a clear set of guidelines for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality back in 2002, with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. Every year since then we’ve continued our commitment to providing a robust framework for credible carbon neutral action, updating it annually to follow the latest scientific and industry best practice with guidance from an advisory group. The essence of The Protocol is to identify which emissions are avoidable and what can’t be changed and therefore will need offsetting. It gives companies the third-party guarantee they need to demonstrate the quality and integrity of their CarbonNeutral® certification.

We work with more than 300 companies around the world, many of which are large, multinational corporations, but we also have mid-sized and family-owned businesses on our client list. No matter the size, we tailor carbon programs according to business needs.

I’m pleased to say we’ve been recognised as Best Offset Retailer by Environmental Finance for nine years in a row, which I think shows our commitment to a quality service for our clients.

Could you give us a condensed explanation of the idea of carbon offsetting?

Carbon neutrality is achieved by calculating a carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through a combination of in-house efficiency measures and supporting emission reduction projects. We help companies choose these projects, which often deliver benefits to local communities and biodiversity beyond the carbon reduction through renewable energy, improved cookstoves or forest protection and creation.

The wonderful thing is that we work with more than 350 projects across 40 countries, so companies can select ones that align with their business operations, products or services, and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are important to them. To make Multicopy Zero a carbon neutral product, Stora Enso chose to support three projects from a shortlist, based on their brief to us – projects in China, Vietnam and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why do businesses choose to get the CarbonNeutral certification?

The certification enables companies to demonstrate the quality and credibility of their carbon neutral action and showcase their climate leadership, engage stakeholders, and differentiate from the competition. See for more.

“We are proud to work with Stora Enso, which is demonstrating climate action by following The CarbonNeutral Protocol to make its Multicopy Zero paper CarbonNeutral®. By offering customers a product with net zero emissions, Stora Enso is addressing its value chain impacts, responding to customer needs, and standing out from the competition with a credible CarbonNeutral certification.” States Tom Popple. 
Tom Popple  Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability at Natural Capital Partners

What is Natural Capital Partners' main focus in the near future?

As we move towards a net zero global economy, we want to ensure our offerings continue to support businesses to lead the change. We are continually working to ensure our products and services deliver what our clients need and want. For example, our clients are seeing an increased demand for CarbonNeutral® products from their customers, and we recently created a new certification – CarbonNeutral® production – for television shows and films.

As well as selecting carbon projects to support, we can work with companies to create tailored solutions that deliver impact that aligns with their business. For example, a tree planting program or river plastic clean-up project close to their operations. 

We create climate solutions in markets all over the world, and it’s a joy to work with businesses like Stora Enso at every stage of their journey.We are also going back to our roots in some way, by enhancing our offering of natural climate solutions. We are about to launch a campaign on mangrove restoration, so watch this space!

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Multicopy Zero - a carbon neutral premium office paper

Multicopy Zero is a carbon neutral premium paper for all office machines. By choosing it you contribute to fulfilling your sustainability targets and helping save the planet, sheet by sheet. Read more

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