Photo of Timber ready for paper pulp

Home is where our mill is

Multicopy comes from southern Sweden, and we've manufactured our paper in the Nymölla Mill ever since 1977. Everything we do is integrated into the local community - from the way we sustainably manage nearby forests, to the district heating our mill provides local residents and business.

This is us. This is why.

It’s the people who work with Multicopy that make it come to life. The forest worker harvesting the trees and the mill worker producing the paper. The sales person selling it onward and the wide variety of end users filling the bright white sheets with words, numbers and images. You’re all part of the ”us” and you can all rely on Multicopy.

Nymolla Mill forest worker

A paper to ease your day

Our paper is made to satisfy your every need and make your working day as stress free and rewarding as possible. Because when you have brought intense effort into something, you want it to look great and feel just right. By flowing through your machine without any hassle, Multicopy will save you both time and money. The excellent quality and print results that will last for 150 years (ISO 9706), help you sell more and make your effort worthwhile. The high sustainability standards help you reach company targets concerning emissions as well as the ones you’ve set for yourself.
Office team
Young adults in office

Sylvamo. The World’s Paper Company.

Multicopy is made by Sylvamo, the world’s paper company. We transform renewable resources into papers that people depend on for education, communication and entertainment.